Suburb Profile - Quinns Rocks

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Quinns Rocks was once a fishing village, but is now one of WA's up and coming coatal suburbs. It takes its name from the offshore reef first noted during a coastline survey done in 1867, and was declared a townsite in 1962 after the area also became known as Wanneroo Beach. Today, it is sought after as a home by people attracted to its unpopulated, white sandy beaches. Situated about 45km and only 30 minutes from Perth City, it is seen as a good alternative for people wanting to live on the coast without having to pay the earth. Quinns Rock has many of the amenities of suburbia including a major district shopping centre, but has managed to maintain its charming beachside character. As the extension of the Northern rail link makes its way closer to Quinns Rock the travelling time to the City is reducing dramatically. Recent land releases has also added to its popularity.